Before making a reservation

Please note, Seth requires a bribe for reservation and that you follow the house rules


Every Sathurday Live Jazz at Seth 
From 9.30 pm

New opening hours Seth: Friday and Saturday from 9 pm – 2 am. Kitchen closes at 9:30 pm. After 9:30 pm it’s one pot o clock. 


To keep our location a secret, you can NOT find us on GOOGLE PAGES ANY MORE, but you can read our google reviews here:
Google has a new policy that the address of a business has to be provided in order to have a page on Maps. To keep in line with our speakeasy concept, we have opted out from having a Google Maps page, and you will only get the address when you make a reservation via
Good thing our valuable reviews have not been lost, you can still find our Google reviews on

Seth's house rules - to keep out of the hands of the Authorities

To make sure we are all on the same page,  Seth maintains house rules. Seth and his staff reserve the right to refuse service to those who break them.

  1. Our front door can only be touched by the staff;
  2. Do not come under excessive influence of alcohol;
  3. Phones may not be used to make noise and loud sounds in Seth’s premise. If you need to make an important call, then inform our staff, t hey will guide you to an appropriate location to make a call;
  4. No smoking indoors. If you would like to have a cigarette, please inform the staff and they will guide you to where you can smoke;
  5. No drinks outside after 10 pm – please think about the neighbors when you are outside and speak softly;
  6. no swearing;
  7. Don’t be too noisy and think of our other patrons;
  8. No sports wear;
  9. Caps – No, Hats – Yes.
  10. no violence;
  11. no weapons;
  12. No filming or pictures with flahes/light and pictures with other guests in the background. Respect each other’s privacy;
  13. You must be 21 years or over;
  14. Be respectful towards staff, other guests, and most important respect Seth’s Rules;
  15. no drugs; and 
  16. Have a pleasant time!

How it works

Speakeasy | The Hague is run by hoodlums, that means you can only reserve a place by bribing them and sticking to some agreements to stay out of the hands of the authorities. 

You can bribe Seth by doing a deposit of 25 EUR per person on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday the bribe amount is EUR 30 per person.

The chosen amount is a credit of minimum spending that you can spend in the speakeasy and will be deducted from the final bill.

The bribe money is per person and must be the same for every person.

Before you make a reservation for some of Seth's cocktails, read the following:

When you book with us, there are rules that apply, so please adhere to them. Due to the pandemic, there is limited seating and restricted hours  — This means that we can no longer afford no shows and still have to make our daily turnover with a limited number of places in order to survive. Therefore, you can only book with us if you agree to the following:

  1. You can book online up to 24 hours in advance
  2. You can book for up to 4 people
  3. Seth requires a bribe of 25 euros per person on Wed, Thu and Sun, and  30 euros on Fri and Sat. This amount is a credit of minimum spending that you can spend in the speakeasy and will be deducted from the final bill.
  4. After Seth has received the bribe, he will confirm your reservation by email or sms and reveal the address to you. Seth will also give you the secret code become closer to your reservation time. So please keep an eye on your email. 
  5. In case of cancellations within 12 hours of the reservation time or if you do not show up, Seth will not pay you back the bribe.
  6. In case the cancellations 12 hours ahead of the reservation time, Seth will refund the bribe back to your account.
  7. By making a reservation, you declare that you and your party  meet the health conditions of RIVM. 
  8. By making a reservation online you and your party comply to our house rules, and the conditions for making an online reservation
  9. Seth reserves the right to refuse admittance and service to you and your party, if you or your party do not keep up with your end of the bargain of following the rules and conditions imposed bt Seth. In this case Seth will forfit the bribe.
  10. Please read  our house rules  first before making a reservation. 


Seth Steps Out of the Syndicate and Now Leads His Own Family

The Hague 2018 – Seth a high level bootlegger of the Syndicate operates a mysterious Speakeasy in The Hague. Our source informs us that he , allegedly, received permission from the Syndicate and was allowed to sell his bootleg cocktails here but only to those who were worthy and who appreciated good Jazz music.

Who is Seth? Nobody knows. He broke relations with the Syndicate in 2020 and took the liquor trade with him. All we know is that the Bosari family led by Seth ran the liquor business for the Syndicate. The myth says that he started as a bootlegger at a young age and his talent was soon noticed by the former head of the Bosari family. In April 2020, Seth cut of his thighs with the Syndicate: “our source said”. Due to business differences they split way.

It is not known in which year he was born. “According to the stories” he comes from a middle class family and that booze has always been part of his life. Just like his love for Jazz.

During his time for the Syndicate, he worked closely with the notorious Nicolas family. The Nicolas Family was a leader in the underground jazz scene and provided artists in bars that did not exist on paper.

What started as an emergency facility to sell booze under the radar has grown into a mysterious place where you enjoyed can enjoy a night out undisturbed and enjoy high quality cocktails. Once inside you forgot the outside world and go back in time to the 1930s.

Thanks to Dan the leader of the Nicolas Family. Big names like Marjorie Barns, Philip Harper and Benjamin Herman have been on stage there in collaboration with Rootz Motion at Seth. 

Always kept in the background and stayed under the wheel. To this day, not much is known about Seth, but rumor says that he still operates from The Hague in a secret location, selling booze to people again for bribe money.

A bit of the New York scene from the old days, with jazz, food and cocktails.

Created during the alcohol ban during the 1920s in America, the concept of ‘Speakeasy’ lasted much longer than anyone could have anticipated. These mysterious yet glamorous hidden bars – normally accessed through weathered storefronts, regular-looking pizzerias or run-down laundromats – were originally intended as outposts for illicit drinking, but have recently found a new 21st-century spot in trendy European metropolises like Paris, Amsterdam and now also in The Hague. Notably thanks to word of mouth, the concept has gained popularity with both well-known bobos and intrepid visitors who long for a decent cocktail away from the tourist trail – often with the added bonus of glitzy dress codes, virtuoso jazz musicians and dazzling sets.

From the outside you will pass by thinking it is an simple restaurant, not realizing there is a speakeasy in the back behind the closset, let alone a high-end cocktail bar and restaurant with live jazz music right behind it. You hear about it from word of mouth, you make a reservation, and say the magic pass . The door will be opened for you by our highly trained staff asking for your name and checked in the reservation list. Inside, you will enjoy high-end cocktails, served by well-trained specialists. In addition to cocktails, as a bootlegger Seth will have a nice range of spirits and some bites on the side.

Once inside, you step into an old world as if stepping back into the nineteen thirties. You will be seduced by the delicious aromas of the drinks and food. The large cocktail station immediately catch the eye where bartenders prepare cocktails with atmosphere-enhancing music in the background. Seth shows you a stylish restaurant with cocktails and a menu that follows the seasons. With a wooden tavern look, the place is dimly lit with jazz music playing in the background.

Personal attention is of paramount importance to Seth. The staff is happy to come to your table to help you make an appropriate choice and to serve you your perfect service. 

Seth welcomes you Wednesday through Sunday, and will make sure you have an evening to remember.  

A live Jazz duo performance takes place every Saturday. The music they will be performing is not loud, as one would expect from a band, but smooth to contribute to a romantic atmosphere and to allow Seths guest to have private conversations. 

Visit Us

Somewhere in The Hague City Center, address and password will be revealed once we confirm your reservation

Email Us

Opening hours (temporary)

Wed, Thu and Sun


Fri and Sat
7 pm – 10 pm

  9 pm


Small Gumbo with Chicken and Kielbasa Sausage |  6,25

Small Gumbo with Seafood |  6,25

Crunchy Chicken with sweet and sour sauce | 7,8

Fried Okra with picked Aioli | 7,8

Chicken wings with a Rum and Pineapple sauce | 7,8

Spicy Garlic Shrimps | 7,8

Seth's Food Menu before 9.30 pm

Carbs | 7.8

Mac ‘n Cheese

Dirty Rice

Tater Tots

Corn Bread

Vegetables | 7.3

Collard Greens

Roasted Okra with Tomato (ALC)

Green Beans with Almond Brown Butter (ALC)

Protein | 10.9

Beef Tips & Gravy

Veggie Pot Pie

Southern Ribs Low and Slow

Home Made Meatloaf

Cajun Cod


We change our desert menu every time. Ask our people what’s what on the day |  7.4

Seth's Food Menu after 9:30 pm

Bites | 7.8

Crunchy Chicken with sweet and sour sauce

Fried Okra with pickled Aioli

Chicken wings with a Don Papa and pineapple sauce

Ribs with Don Papa, pineapple sauce

One Pot

Big Boi Size 12.5 | Small Size 7

All served with white rice

Beef Tips & Gravy

Veggie Stew

Gumbo Chicken and Sausage

Gumbo Seafood

Gumbo Veggie